Heal what’s broken ~ 🌸💔

Why the name Yoga SoulSearch? I believe and hope that when we find our true self within we can connect with who we miss in our lives. For me it’s my biological family, especially my biological mother. At this moment I don’t think I will ever meet her personally. Physically she will always be missing in my life and the hope is gone I will ever reunite with her. The realization of this has been a very painful process. Then I realized there could be another way to connect with my biological roots, it should be somewhere in my soul after all. The basics in my being, the roots where it all began. With yoga I try to connect with my true soul, which is not an easy process. It’s often emotional and painful, but also beautiful. I know it’s not the same as meeting my biological mother and family personal, but it’s another way to heal from what has been broken long ago.

~ 💜💔💜~ #yoga #healing #adoption #yinyoga #meditation #broken #soul #soulsearching #soulsearch

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